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Nashville Photo Assistants

We provide this convenient list but cannot and do not assure competence.
To be included or make changes, email your information in the page's verbal style to Mike Borum.

Ben Anglin

Cell Phone: 615.800.9391  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Briese, Norman, Speedotron, White Lightning, Kino, Alien Bees, Elinchrome, Nikon, Canon, Mamiya, Contax, Hasselblad, Phase One, 4x5 Toyo View. Experienced driving equipment trucks/trailers.

Photographers Assisted: Mark Seliger, Tony D’Orio, Annie Leibovitz, Tony Baker, Todd Johnson, Henry Fechtman, Robert Kerian, Brian Garland, Douglas Friedman and a variety of other celebrity, automotive and architecture photographers.

Other Skills: Capture One, Final Cut, adv'd retouching CS4, Lightroom, website design (Dreamweaver and Flash).  Staff grip/gaffer for 2 prestigious Hollywood studios for 3 years. Friendly and discreet on set, take pride in the small details to insure you, the clients and talent are comfortable and have everything needed to get the shots on time.

Justin Bentinnen

Cell Phone: 401.595.3747  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, SpeedoTron, Tungsten, Kino Flo, White Lightning, Alien Bee, Elinchrom, Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, Hasselblad

Photographers Assisted: None yet as of 4/2011 but have hired assistants in my own work.

Other Skills: Building rapid rapport with models, macro work (includes focus stacking), building shooting jigs, prop design and sourcing, location infiltration, Advanced Lightroom, Intermediate Photoshop, basic audio recording, scientific photography, concert general a very useful creative partner.

Michael Bretz  (more than 5 yrs experience)

Cell Phone: 615.557.7276  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Large Format, Medium Format Film and Digital, DSLR, Scanners, Photomatix, Grip equipment, Leaf Aptus Backs & Software, Capture One Software, Phase One Backs,  Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, InDesign, Lightroom, Aperture, 4x5 Camera systems (film and digital), studio and portable strobes, Eye One Software, Color Munki Software, Huey Color, Light Meters & Radio Transmitters, Inkjet, Digital Workflow (Retouching, Archiving, Color Correction), B&W Color and E6 Film (Processing and Printing), Film Logging, Archival Printing, Matting, and Mounting,  Photographic Styling, Experience with Mac and PC computers, Microsoft Office.

Photographers Assisted: Norman Jean Roy, Matthew Roleston, Alexi Lubormirski, George Holz, Brian Doben, Frank Ockenfels 3, Russ Harrington, Jim Wright, David Bean, Kim Meyers Robertson, Douglas Friedman, Danielle Levitt, Dean Karr, Kristin Barlowe, Wolf Hoffman, Kevin White, Eli Mcfadden, Hollis Benett, Roderick Trestrial, Rich Kalonick, Joe Kownacki, Paul Teeling,Taylor Crothers, Kristina Krug, Brooke Boiling

Nick Bumgardner   (more than 5 yrs experience)

Cell Phone: 615.752.0158  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, 4x5, Hasselblad, ProFoto, Alien Bees/White Lightning, Speed O Tron, Dynalite, Broncolor, Tungsten, Kino Flo, Elinchrom, Norman

Photographers Assisted: (local) Michael Gomez, David Bean, Russ Harrington, Kris D'Amico, Sandy Campbell, Katherine Bomboy, Robert Glover, Eric Adkins, Dean Dixon, Kristina Krug, Wes Aldridge, Eli Mcfadden, Tony Baker, Joshua Black Wilkins, Wolf Hoffman, Mark Seliger, Andrew Southam, Melanie Duenea, Ryan Benyi, Matthew Welch.

Other Skills: Photoshop CS5, Adobe Bridge CS5, Lightroom 3, Aperture, Capture One, Nik Color Filters, Color Munki, Inkjet Printers, Scanners, Color Correction. I drive a full size SUV so I can haul plenty of gear. I am always on time.

Jess Bernard  (based in Los Angeles)

Cell Phone: 323.301.8839  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Dynalite, Broncolor, Speedotron, Tungsten, Kino Flo, White Lightning, Elinchrome, Norman, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Contax, Pentax, Fuji, Mamiya

Photographers Assisted: (Locally) Erick Anderson, Tony Baker, Kristin Barlowe, Russ Harrington, Wolf Hoffman, David Johnson, Thomas Petillo, Tamara Reynolds, Jack Spencer, Mark Tucker.
Out of Town: Chapman Baehler, Donald McPherson, Tony Pearce, Andrew Southam

Other Skills: Computer and digital knowledge

Bryan Bloebaum  

Cell Phone: 541-963-0267  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Nikon, Mamiya, Fuji GX617, White Lightning, Alien Bees, Metz, Photoflex, Lensbaby, Sekonic

Photographers Assisted: Monique Larroux, Bob Schatz, Tom Gatlin, Sandy Campbell, Mark Mosrie, and Kristina Marie Krug.

Other Skills: Good people skills, Photoshop CS, Nikon Super Coolscan 8000, can provide a 4-wheel drive 5 speed truck w/covered bed. Shot for regional magazines in Oregon; scheduled shoots, scouted locations, hauled/set up equipment.  Managed a one-hour mall portrait studio and owned a traditional portrait studio.  Operated C-41 lab and RA-4 printer.  Operated audio and graphics for the 5, 6, and 11 o'clock news in Bend, OR.  Experienced backpacker, certified wilderness 1st responder; can splint a broken leg with a ski pole and a coffee cup!

Joe Burlingame 

Cell Phone: 615.481.6471  Email:

Familiar Equipment: (lighting) Profoto, Speedotron, White Lightning, Elinchrome, Norman. (bodies) Hasselblad, Mamiya, Toyo View, all DSLR. (backs) Phase One, Kodak, Leaf. (software) Capture One, Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, Mac and PC.

Photographers Assisted: John Scarpati, Tony Baker, David Yellen (NYC), Rebecca Sharp (KC)

Other Skills: Lighting package if needed, location scouting, production and prop help is available. A.A.S. Photography from Nashville State Tech, P.P.A. Certified Photographer. I am efficient, technically sound and easy to work with.

Gregory Byerline  

Cell Phone: 615.498.6296  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon, Nikon, Profoto, Dynalite, and their various modifiers. Die hard Mac user

Photographers Assisted: Regularly work with Allen Clark and Scott Evans. Also Erick Anderson, David Bean, and Kristina Marie Krug.

Other Skills: Photoshop CS/CS2, Adobe Bridge, InDesign, GoLive, etc. Very familiar with RAW workflow. Killer retoucher and color corrector. Tethered shooting. Graphic and web design experience. Can drive large trucks (including manual transmission vehicles), golf carts, motorcycles. Strong work ethic with attention to detail and strong eye for noticing subtle details a photographer might not notice through the viewfinder. Experienced with fashion, music, corporate, architecture, sports, and nature photography settings

Laura Beth Childers   (Aspiring Assistant)

Home Phone: 931.580.0251  Email: 

Familiar Equipment: Various types of lighting and cameras supplied by college.

Photographers Assisted: None as of 6-20-07; seeking opportunities.

Other Skills: 2005 Photography graduate from Middle Tennessee State University. Self-described dedicated hard worker, seeking assisting opportunities.

Heather Clemons

Cell Phone: 931.625.6275  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Nikon, Canon, Profoto, Westcott, Photoshop, Lightroom and many others.

Photographers Assisted: Seeking opportunities to expand my photographic network.

Other Skills: Technical: very familiar with Photoshop CS3/4, studio lighting and outdoor lighting situations, Camera Raw. College graduate with a BS in photography from MTSU. I'm looking for meaningful experience working with other photographers to expand my viewpoint.  Have experience with fashion, wedding, engagement, maternity and family photography - comfortable working with children, pets, and larger groups.   Very outgoing, personable and adaptable to any condition, location or lighting situation.

Daniel Crandall 

Cell Phone: 615.283.0599  Email:   Web:

Familiar Equipment: Experienced with Canon cameras, complex lighting and remote triggers, good lighting and technical troubleshooting skills. Mac or PC technician. Vehicles, old and new, large and small, including trailers.

Photographers Assisted: Trained with David Bean. Solo photographer on photo shoots and corporate events for 3 years. A technically proficient assistant.

Other Skills: Camera Raw, Photoshop retouching, Final Cut, Graphic Design primarily for print, Creative Director, Inventive problem solver, computer technical expertise--Mac and Windows, think on-the-fly, calm tempered, active, fit, and clean lifestyle. Love to work with children. Set designer with tools, and good location scout, great at finding resources to meet a creative need. Discreet. Good personal communicator.

Joel Micah Dennis

Cell Phone: 615.477.3283  Email:   

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Norman, Speedotron, Kino Flo, Calumet, White Lightening, Nikon CLS, Dynalite, Mole, Arri, Lowel, and Litepanels. Cameras include all 35mm and medium format digital, and any tethering software as I am also a digital tech. Software: Lightroom, Capture One, 35mm proprietary, Photoshop CS5, (Mac only, please).

Photographers Assisted: Randee Saint Nicholas, Tony (Joseph Anthony) Baker, Russ Harrington, Jeremy Cowart, Christopher Kolk, Chris Hollo, Dan Ham,  Eric Welch, George Simian, John Fedele, Mark Mosrie, Gregg Roth, Adair Freeman.

Other Skills: Digital Tech, Shoot Production, Set building, Printing (digital & darkroom), Film(E-6, B&W, C-41), 35mm HD video.... Also attended Brooks Institute of Photography and graduated NSCC with a degree in Digital Imaging. Grip truck and stick driver, also own my own SUV, if you need help carrying gear. Self starting, efficient, and friendly.

Tim Dugan 

Cell Phone: 615.497.4725  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon, Nikon, Alien Bees, Profoto, 35mm B&W developing and printing

Photographers Assisted: Interned and assisted for Jeremy Cowart

Other Skills: Highly skilled in Photoshop (compositing, retouching), Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro. I'm pretty green as an assistant, but I'm a quick learner.

Bennett Farkas 

Cell Phone: 615.498.0600  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Cannon Equipment (all levels), but very quick learner.

Photographers Assisted: Keoni K (, Meishach Moore (, and Kyle Drier (

Other Skills: Proficient with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; quick with post-flow wedding work in Lightroom. Design communication major funding my education at Belmont U; any work is helpful and I'm not expensive. Passionate about photography; assistant work feeds that passion. I truly care about the art and want to see it done well.

Danielle Finck 

Home Phone: 615.293.2289  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Dynalite, Profoto, White Lightning, Mamiya, Canon, Leaf Digital.

Photographers Assisted: Thomas Petillo, David McClister, Kristina Krug, David Johnson, Glen Rose, Kristin Barlowe, Jimmy Abegg 

Assistants worked under: Many, especially Jess Barnard and Roderick Testrail

Other Skills: Graduated Hallmark Institute of Photography June, 04, (Massachusetts)

Jonathan Fletcher

Cell Phone: 832.338.6068  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Lights, Cameras, Modifiers, Stands, Triggers, Computers -  the stuff it takes to do a photoshoot.

Photographers Assisted: (Local only) Hopefully you, Zach Gray, Evan Baines

Other Skills: Smart. Polite. Funny. Strong like bull. Fit. Work hard. Don't complain. Money back guarantee.

Ben Hancock  

Cell Phone: 615.310.1057  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Speedotron, Tungsten, Kino Flo, White Lightning, Elinchrome, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad.

Photographers Assisted:  (Locally) Russ Harrington, Michael Gomez, David Bean, Jeremy Cowart.

Other Skills: Lots of digital and Photoshop experience. Can offer retouching services. 

Derrick Hood  

Home Phone: 615.330.4534  Cell Phone: 615.330.4534
Email:    Web:

Familiar Equipment: Everything

Photographers Assisted: (Locally) Tony Baker, Kristin Barlowe, Thomas Petillo, Mark Tucker,  David Johnson, Erick Anderson, Russ Harrington, Tamara Reynolds, Jack Spencer, Wolf Hoffman.

Other Skills: Computer and digital knowledge

China Hopson  

Cell Phone: 931.561.3320  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon, Hensel, Broncolor

Photographers Assisted: 3yrs Foto Center Kuntze, photo studio in Germany

Other Skills: 3yrs trainee as a photographer and professional school in Karlsruhe, Germany. Photoshop, Lightroom, pc, Noritsu mini lab, native language German, fast learner, experienced with studio photography, portraits, music photography, fashion, wedding, nude, children, family, willing to travel! Quiet and creative!

Rich Kalonick 

Cell Phone: 615.498.3425  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Elinchrome, Norman, White Lighting, Speedotron, Kino, HMI, Profoto, Acute, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Fuji, Mamiya

Photographers Assisted: Thom Hooke (5 years), Nancy Lee Andrews (5 years), Mark Martin, Jeff Frazier, John Chiasson, Tony Baker, Michael Gomez, Kristen Barlowe. Visiting photographer: Peter Arnell, Martin Scholler

Other Skills: Lighting Studio and Outdoor,  Scouting Locations to Prop Stylist, very comfortable with Mac and the digital workflow.

Julie King (beginner - eager to learn) 

Cell Phone: 321-544-9352   Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Canon Rebel and 5D

Photographers Assisted: I am a beginner and looking and egar to learn.

Other Skills: Self-taught, energetic, anxious to learn. 3 years freelancing in Nashville at various venues. Currently working with shooting concerts including Big and Rich, Stephen Cochran, Trailor Chior, Nathan Lee, Damien Horn, Jeffrey Steele and other up and coming artists, behind the scenes at video shoots, EPK's, head shots and CD covers. I have also worked with Warner Brother Records.

Mandy Marshall  (more than 10 years experience) 

Cell Phone: 702.581.2297  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Nikon D200, Fuji Frontier series printers, tripods, light stands, reflectors, Photoshop, Powerlights, Quantum Radio Slave, MAC/PC

Photographers Assisted: Have to start somewhere and will jump at any opportunity.

Other Skills: Lots of experience in photojournalism and portraits.  Super awesome with children.  I go with the flow and do what I'm told.  Honest, loyal, hardworking and dependable. I always deliver.

Rae Marshall

Cell Phone: 256.417.0125  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Alien Bees, Nikon, Canon, Photoshop, Bridge, Reflectors

Photographers Assisted: David and Luke Edmonson, David Phillips, Rick Taylor, and others near Huntsville area.

Other Skills: Final Cut, retouching CS5,some html. On time, very positive and intent on being as helpful as possible.

Ashley Matthews 

Cell Phone: 318.308.3815  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Nikon and Canon DSLR, Large and Medium Film Format, Scanners, Epson Printers, CS5 - Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, InDesign, Lightroom, White Lightnings, Alien Bees, Cyber Sync's, Studio and Portable strobes, Eye One Software, Camera Raw, Post Production (Retouching, Archiving, Color Correction, Resizing, Compositing), Mac and PC, Microsoft Office, B&W film processing and printing, Matting, Mounting, and Hanging

Photographers Assisted: Sarah Gilliam, Hannah Elanie, and Krista Lee

Other Skills: Resourceful, Multi-tasker, Very organized, Energetic, Friendly, Discreet on set, and Willing to travel. BFA in Photography from Louisiana Tech University

Ian Szarafinski 

Cell Phone: 3517.917.3550  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Nikon, Canon, Tokina, Alien Bees, Lightroom/Photoshop CC, Manfrotto, Macintosh, PC.

Photographers Assisted: Chad McClarnon, Deanna Hampton

Other Skills:  Songwriter, Touring Musician, Pro Tools, Logic, Digital, Film, FCPX, Motion, and computer knowledge…Friendly, Respectful, Hard worker, fast learner.

Staci McQueen 

Cell Phone: 330.231.4900  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Dynalite, Profoto, White-lightning, Alien Bees. Mac, PC, Photoshop

Photographers Assisted: looking for Nashville photographers to assist

Other Skills: Multi-tasker, energetic, sensitive to good repertoire with subject(s) and needs of the photographer

Daniel Meigs 

Cell Phone: 601.329.6407  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Mamiya medium format cameras, 4x5 view cameras, Canon, Nikon, and Leaf digital backs.  Profoto studio lighting eqipment, Pocket Wizards.

Photographers Assisted: Dori G. Arnold, David McClister, Thomas Petillo, Tony Baker, Paul Teeling.

Other Skills: Award winning web design, Adobe CS 2, medium format digital capture, Leaf Capture, Mac and PC, basic audio mixing, video editing, digital workflow, raw processing, graduated Hallmark Institute of Photography (2006).

Josh Milliken 

Cell Phone: 931.722.1633  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Alien Bees, White Lightning, Lowels, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Mamiya, PocketWizards, CyberSyncs

Photographers Assisted: David Bean, Gregory Byerline, Russ Harrington, Ryan Smith.

Other Skills: Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Capture One, Mac's and PC's, retouching and color correction, MTSU photography degree, very hard working and knowledgeable.

Brandon Oursler  (more than 10 years experience)

Cell Phone: 615.714.2364  Email:

Familiar Equipment:  Profoto, Broncolor, Speedotron, Tungsten, White Lightning, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Contax, Pentax, Fuji, Mamiya, Sinar, Calumet

Photographers Assisted: (Locally) Kristin Barlowe, Erick Anderson, Michael Howard, Ashley Fetner, Claudio Basso, Lorenzo Gassperini, William Thompson, Shaun Stanley, Aran Kessler, Michael Winter

Other Skills: Computer knowledge (MAC & PC) Photoshop (ver 5-CS2), Painter and digital knowledge. Degree from NYI for photography, Associate Degree in Photojournalism and Associate Degree in Portrait Studio Management. Currently shooting freelance in Nashville. Prior staff photographer for Army National Guard and f8studio.

Katie Phelps   

Cell Phone: 615.631.7811  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon Rebel (Film and Digital), various studio lighting and cameras provided by the college.

Photographers Assisted: Mark Martin

Other Skills & Education: Photography Degree from Middle Tennessee State University, knowledge of development of Black and White film and print, eager to get more experience, hardworking, very good with people and children, speak and understand a little Spanish, willing to travel.

Joseph F.D. Rini  

Cell Phone: 240.313.5227  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Hensel, Profoto, Dynalite, Calumet, White Lightning, Alien Bees, kino flo, Q-flash, Meters, Slaves & Grip equipment. Large Format, Medium Format, film and some Digital, DSLR, some scanners, Photo styling & theme assemblies. Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, color management, color profiling, Digital workflow, retouching & archiving. B&W process/print, Zone system, film loading, matting & mounting, framing and frame construction.

Photographers Assisted: Kris D'Amico, Chad McClarnon

Other Skills: Experience with Mac, Numbers & Pages, some PC, Microsoft Office. SCUBA certified, PADI open water (5dives 2009)

Katharine Ryals  

Cell Phone: 501.993.5744  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Calumet Elite 2400, Calumet Travel Lite, Alien Bees B800, Alien Bees Vagabond Travel Battery, Arri Hot Lights, Nikon SB-800 and SB-28, Nikon D200, Canon 5D Mark II, Hasselblad H1D, Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II, Cambo 4x5, Graphlex 4x5, Hasselblad 503CW, 4x5 Pinhole, Polaroid Land Cameras, Phase One P20, RA-4, Epson printers 4880-9880, Hasselblad Imacon FlextightX1, Epson V700, Photoshop CS4, Bridge CS4, Illustrator CS3, Dreamweaver CS4, Lightroom 2, ImagePrint 7, Flexcolor, Microsoft Office, Mac and PC

Photographers Assisted: Thomas Petillo, Joshua Black Wilkins

Other Skills & Education: Retouching, compositing, experience managing epson printers, studio equipment and darkroom equipment, advanced darkroom skills, alternative process skills, amateur stylist (clothing and makeup), well traveled, valid AR driver's license, B.F.A in photography.

Mathew Simmons

Cell Phone: 937.469.5246  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Profoto, Dynalite, White Lightning, Alien Bees, Elinchrom, Nikon, Canon

Photographers Assisted: Michael Gomez, Erick Anderson, Kristy Belcher, Greg Glass, Dan Ingersol, Nick Bumgardner

Other Skills: Adv'd retouching CS3-6, Lightroom tethering, website design/graphic design. Friendly and personable, forward thinking and always one step ahead so you're not wasting time telling me what to do. Always on time or early.

Chelsey Somohano

Cell Phone: 615.943.6525  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Canon & Nikon

Photographers Assisted: Enrique Munoz, Leigh Munoz, Karrie Porter and hopefully you :)

Other Skills: Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5 Adobe Bridge Adobe Lightroom Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mac and PC Savvy, Great organizational skills Detail-oriented Experienced Capable of working in stressful situations Proficient in multi-tasking and time management, experience in wedding, event, horse show, and some studio photography.

Johnny Stanton (new to Nashville from NYC)

Cell Phone: 917.715.5582  Email:

Familiar Equipment: most medium and large format cameras, Canon 1Ds, Nikon D1, Profoto, Broncolor, Speedotron, Novatron, HMI, White Lightning

Photographers Assisted: Nashville - Kristen Barlowe, Wolf Hoffmann, David Molnar.
NYC - Mary Ellen Mark, Ken Schneiderman, Ejaz Khan, Fiona Singer.

Other Skills: Knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop CS, other computer skills, welding, light carpentry, able to operate large vehicles.

Ryan Stoney (more than 10 years experience)

Home Phone: 615.456.5853  Cell Phone: 615.456.5853
Email:  Web:

Familiar Equipment: Balcar, Dedicated Flashes, Dynalite, Elinchrome, Home-Made Lighting, HMI, Kino-flo, Mole, Norman, Prophoto, Quantum, Speedotron, White Lightning, Bronica, Canon, Hassleblad, Kodak, Mamiya, Nikon, Pentax, Sinar, Toyo View, Mac & PC

Photographers Assisted: (Local) Nancy Lee Andrews, Tony Baker, Karla Brenan, Jeff Frazier, Robert Glover, Michael Gomez, Joe Hardwick, Russ Harrington, Thom Hooke, Mark Martin, Branon Segroves (visiting) Andrew Eccles & Blake Little

Other Skills: Set building, location scouting, all formats of film as well as digital, very fluent on both Mac’s and PC’s, very comfortable with a digital work-flow.

J Stricklin

Cell Phone: 270.320.0252  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Nikon and Canon digital cameras, Elinchrome, White Lightning, Alien Bees, Speedlights, Homemade light modifiers.

Photographers Assisted: Bob Rosato, David Bergman

Other Skills: BA in Photojournalism/New Media from Western Kentucky University. Studio and Mac computer lab manager while there. Comfortable in Mac or PC environment. Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Bridge, color correction and retouching skills.

Susan Walker

Cell Phone: 615.202.2498  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Balcar, Dedicated Flashes, Dynalite, Elinchrome, Home-Made Lighting, HMI, Kino-flo, Mole, Norman, Prophoto, Quantum, Speedotron, White Lightning, Bronica, Canon, Hassleblad, Kodak, Mamiya, Nikon, Pentax, Sinar, Toyo View, Mac & PC

Photographers Assisted: Tamara Reynolds, Sheri O’Neil, Rachel Paul, Ric Lambert

Other Skills: Computer Mac and PC and digital software Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, RAW workflow conscious, Adobe Lightroom, some Aperture knowledge. I am strong, sturdy and agile. I can schlep equipment and set up rigs, not afraid of heights; I can drive a manual shift. Good with tools, can build and paint. Outdoor enthusiast – good person to use for outdoor shoots. I am reliable, resourceful, have a strong work ethic, positive attitude and good people skills. I am a good choice for as 2nd or 3rd assistant or for 1st assistant for smaller jobs as competence is established.

Rory White

Cell Phone: 615.631.0106  Email:

Familiar Equipment: Hasselblad, Mamiya, Norman, Dynalite,  Speedotron, Hotlights and Kinos, Canon, 4x5, Profoto, Quantum, Lumedyne.  Software:  Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional.  PC and Mac competent

Photographers Assisted: Local - Allen Clark, Tony Baker, Tom Gatlin, Steven Wingfield

Other Skills: Please see above website for detailed assisting information and a list of available gear/grip from Rory.


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