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Photo Prints

Prints on Fuji Crystal Archive and Kodak Endura photographic papers

"Traditional" photo papers.... gelatin-emulsion, light-sensitive, silver-halide papers, exposed by lasers on the Durst Lambda digital enlarger.

Careful attention to your needs and fully color-managed workflow for superior prints.


Lambda Direct Prints

Direct Prints are imaged from your "print-ready" files exactly as received, with no adjustments.

Images should be fully color-managed, cropped and sized. Be sure you're satisfied with your artistic and aesthetic corrections. Using a fully color-managed workflow and soft-proofing with our custom printer profiles, you should get predictable results.

Papers: Luster, Semi-matte, Gloss & Metallic


More on File Preparation...

Download Printer Profiles for Photoshop soft-proofing

Lambda Custom Prints

Custom prints are individually adjusted by our experienced technicians... cropped, sized and corrected for a pleasing print. Custom prints exceed nearly all normal needs, setting a high standard of quality and affordability.

Papers: Luster, Semi-matte, Gloss & Metallic


Approval proofs, if desired, are available at reasonable cost. Subjective adjustments will incur additional testing charges.

For critical matching to existing prints or samples, see our Gallery Set-up service.

Gallery Set-up Service

Gallery Set-up is typically used by fine artists and clients who need critical color matching to their samples. We provide collaboration and testing to meet their needs.

After we've optimized the image for best possible printing you receive an approval test before final printing. Additional tests, if necessary to meet subjective changes, are available at reasonable cost.

We store the optimized image file for future reprinting and you receive a copy on CDR of the final file for your own archives.


Frequent Questions:

What is a Lambda Printer?

The best-of-class Lambda is a digital enlarger that uses pure red, green and blue laser beams in combination to expose Silver Halide photographic prints up to 50" wide by any length.

What photo paper surfaces do we offer?

We offer Luster, Gloss, Semi-matte and Metallic All are considered archival.

Cropping discussion -  Film Cropping Guide for Prints
Frequently you find that the shape (proportions) of the film you have does not match the shape (proportions) of the print size you would like. To fit the image to the paper, we have two choices: 1.) print the entire image and have different borders on two sides of the print, or 2.) crop off part of the image to make it's shape match the shape of the paper size you've chosen.Printing the entire image is called "full frame printing" because the  image itself is printed without cropping.

Can we print Black & White images on these color papers?
Yes. To a digital imaging system, a black & white image is simply a monochrome (all gray) image. Even gray has a subtle color-tone, though, that may be neutral, warm or cold gray.

Preparing files for Lambda-Direct prints

Files for Lambda-Direct prints are imaged "as received" with no adjustments. We accept tiff and JPEG files.

For predictable results, you must be using full color-management with Photoshop and an accurately profiled monitor using one of our printer profiles for soft-proofing. These are basic tools required for preparing files for this service and we cannot be responsible for poor results if your system is not fully compliant. Sources of good information on monitor profiling and colorimeters are X-Rite , Colorvision and Dry Creek Photo.

Files should be saved at 200 ppi at the final image size you need, saved in a standard color space, like Adobe1998 RGB, ColorMatch RGB, sRGB, ProPhoto RGB or CMYK (swop2) and tagged accordingly.

Do not convert your files to our printer profiles and do not tag your files with our printer profiles. Use our printer profiles only for soft-proofing, then save your file in one of the standard color spaces.

What's the benefit of ICC-profiled color management?
The Lambda is extremely consistent day-to-day so you can fine-tune your color adjustments based on its output. Good color management requires patience and experience to set-up and learn but the benefit is predictable, high-quality and economical prints.